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The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative is partnering with Code 3 to bring the RALI CARES educational program to communities across the United States. The RALI CARES trailer is outfitted to look like a teenager's or young adult’s bedroom, but it is filled with hidden warning signs of substance misuse. Former law enforcement and experts point out the red flags of substance misuse based on their years of experience and discuss ways to seek help if someone is struggling with addiction.

Watch our video below to learn more about the program:

RALI CARES Virtual Trailer
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RALI Cares Virtual Experience

If you are interested learning more but have not had a chance to tour the trailer, you can access our virtual experience. Click below to enter. Due to the sensitive nature of the information, you must be 21 years of age or older to enter.


The trailer has traveled all over the country educating parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers. Visitors are often surprised by what they see, like common household items that serve as hiding places. Together, we hope that informed communities can help prevent the deadly cycle of opioid addiction.

Hear from people who have toured the trailer