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Big Red Barn Retreat Hosts Opioid Education Initiative


December 19, 2022

BLYTHEWOOD, SC – On Monday, December 19th the Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) brought the RALI CARES trailer to The Big Red Barn Retreat in Blythewood, South Carolina. RALI is partnering with Code 3 to bring the RALI CARES educational program to communities across the United States. The RALI CARES trailer is designed to look like a teenager’s or young adult’s bedroom, but it is filled with hidden warning signs of substance misuse. Former law enforcement and experts point out the red flags of substance misuse based on their years of experience and discuss ways to seek help if someone is struggling with addiction.

“RALI has continued to do important work across the country in recent years, and I’m thrilled their RALI CARES educational program came to our home state of South Carolina,” said Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.). “Our veterans have dedicated their lives to serving our country, and far too often do they struggle with mental health and addiction. I am thankful for all of our veterans, and for the organizations who are doing the important work in educating communities about substance misuse.”

“The Big Red Barn Retreat has worked hard over the years to support our veterans,” said David Williams, Executive Director of the Big Red Barn Retreat. “We are proud to partner with RALI today on the important mission of spreading awareness about substance misuse.”

To learn more about RALI, safe disposal efforts visit


The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) supports programs that help prevent the misuse of prescription medicines so that more lives can be saved from the opioid crisis. We do this by bringing together community leaders and elected officials who are committed to finding effective solutions and sharing ideas that will make a difference across the state.


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